September 19th, 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Accelerating ambition to scale up for the future

Where are the opportunities for companies in bioenergy, green hydrogen, solar PV generation, district heating, anaerobic digestion, waste to energy projects and others?
What additional capacity in demand response is needed to decrease the frequency and severity of supply shortages?
What is the role of bioenergy play in renewable electricity, transport and heat?
Where is its potential in addressing the many challenges that we face from emissions, reducing fossil fuel usage and broader benefits of indigenous bioenergy from an energy security point of view
What sustainable infrastructure investments are attracting energy funding?
What obstacles need to be overcome to channel capital flows towards sustainable energy businesses?
What are the challenges scaling residential heat pump retrofit?

Technical Group Lead, Heat Pump Association of Ireland
Chief Executive Officer, Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA)
Chief Executive Officer, Demand Response Association of Ireland (DRAI)

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