September 19th, 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Helen O’Sullivan

Co-founder & Operations Manager, Flex Power Solutions

With 20 years industry experience working in Continuous Improvement, Project Management and Technical Services Helen was inspired to set up Flex Power Solutions to focus on hybrid delivery of industrial steam through electrification. Wind is Ireland’s best natural resource to help tackle the climate change emergency, yet we are at risk of losing huge amounts of this potential in the absence of mitigation measures. One of these measures is high temperature power-to-heat technology provided by Flex Power Solutions. Using PARAT electrode boilers alongside existing fossil fuel boilers excess renewable electricity is converted into useful heat in Irish industrial sites and district heating systems in times of high renewable generation. By operating these boilers flexibly, sites achieve significant carbon reduction and lower costs. Using this proven technology in new ways, we maximise the use of existing grid infrastructure to minimise dispatch down of wind turbines, while providing valuable zero carbon services to the System Operator. With boilers from 0.5 to 60MW, Irish industrial sites can become like virtual interconnectors to stabilise the grid while allowing ever increasing renewable generation. Helen is excited about delivering on the synergies that exist between the heat and power sectors in the decarbonised future.

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