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April 26, 2022 

Croke Park, Dublin 

About The National Energy Summit 2022

The Programme for Government commits Ireland to an average 7% per annum reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions from 2021 to 2030 (a 51% reduction over the decade) and to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Decarbonisation of the electrical grid is the single most important Irish societal activity this decade in relation to achieving the targets as detailed in the Climate Action Plan 2021-2030. The targets are ambitious and the pressure is on to achieve them, whilst at the same time ensuring continued security of electricity supply during the transition periodThis is the decade to deliver.

The connection of large energy users to the grid needs to take into account the potential impact on security of supply on the short and long term. The fear of power shortages and demands from data centres and others need to be addressed collaboratively to ensure security of both storage and supply.

Digitalisation of the energy sector is revolutionising data processes and operations, and accelerating the implementation of digital solutions and energy system integration across multiple energy carriers, infrastructures and consumption sectors. What technologies and applications are needed to deliver storage space solutions on both the short and long term? Where are the opportunities for companies in offshore wind, bioenergy, anaerobic digestion, waste to energy projects, green hydrogen, BioLPG and solar PV generation and what is their role in the development of renewable energy resources? How can they collaborate to ensure a secure transition in the decade of delivery?

The Business Post National Energy Summit 2022 will bring together industry experts and thought leaders from both the public and private sectors to find solutions to the issues facing us in securing our energy supply and meeting the ambitious targets of Ireland’s energy transition requirements. As the country transitions, new and heightened challenges have been identified that will face Ireland in this decade. Our expert speakers will examine the programme of work that is being delivered to secure the longer term enduring capacity that is needed to reach our 2030 targets and to meet the demands of our growing and decarbonising economy.

  • Policies and measures to integrate climate and energy plans
  • Securing and delivering energy supply
  • Additional capacity needs in demand response and storage
  • International cooperation with the UK and Europe
  • State grants and loan schemes to accelerate the transition
  • Capital financing
  • Grasping the opportunities for energy businesses
  • Enhancing capabilities and upskilling in new areas
  • Digitalisation of the energy sector
  • Smart energy applications, electric vehicle charge points
  • Micro-generation support scheme
  • Offshore wind energy and harvesting energy from ocean waves
  • Bioenergy, anaerobic digestion and waste to energy projects
  • Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and BioLPG
  • Solar PV generation and nuclear energy
  • Senior management from local and central government sectors such as energy, transport, planning, urban development, climate, infrastructure, ICT, finance and sustainability
  • Relevant policy-makers and advisors in national and local government
  • Engineers, technicians, communications professionals, business developers 
  • Ecologists, planners and project managers
  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and other senior IT executives from the energy industry
  • Senior decision-makers in the energy, technology, sustainability and ESG sectors
  • Academics and researchers
  • Economic and management consultants
  • Financiers and investors
  • Legal professionals
  • Recruitment companies


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