Energy Transition Summit 2024 (1)

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Leading the energy revolution in the state sector

The public sector is committed to leading by example and demonstrating its commitment to climate action through a range of activities and measures it will implement to reduce emissions. Energy efficiency is a core component so improving buildings’ and operations’ energy efficiency is an essential step. These measures will include upgrading lighting, heating and cooling systems, implementing energy management systems, and promoting sustainable transport and mobility at every opportunity.

Topics include:

  • updating our roadmaps to align with the deadlines outlined in CAP23
  • promoting energy efficiency and investment in low-carbon and renewable energy solutions
  • the role of innovation and technology in achieving the broader national goals
  • investing in research and development applicable to buildings and operations and where it can be leveraged
Chief Sustainability Officer, CIÉ Group
Digital Manager, Bord na Móna Renewable Energy
Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Uisce Éireann

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