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Dr. Shirley Gallagher

Chief Operating Officer, Second Life Battery Services Ltd

Shirley is a big picture sustainability thinker and speaker. She is known for helping people, companies and government agencies to decarbonise their systems. She is a polymath, with knowledge across regulatory issues, chemistry, circular economy, ISO standards and manufacturing.

Shirley is a company director in companies focused on sustainability issues. Second Life Battery Services Limited is a start up gigacorn that can repurpose used rechargeable lithium battieres to decarbonise systems. SysPro: Systems for Progress Limited is a boutique sustainability consultancy that focus on executive coaching in the sustainability sphere.

Shirley is an advocate for sustainability. She has regulatory knowledge, project management skills with a strong focus on continuous improvement in a challenging, customer-focused environment. Shirley is a trained auditor, having worked as both an internal and external auditor for UK and Irish governments and private industry to HPRA and FDA regulations (GxP). She has expertise to ISO standards in products, energy, environmental, quality, water and health and safety. She is Chair of Cork Environmental Forum, Sustainability Officer in Glanmire Chamber of Commerce, a Climate Reality Leader and a Toastmaster. Shirley loves networks, across the global from tangible, to islands, to climate reality to toastmasters international to startups. She is an open networker and happy to share knowledge.

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