Energy Transition Summit 2024 (1)

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Raj Lyons Chohan

CEO, AffinityEV

Raj is a renowned expert in the automotive industry, known for his innovative approach to electric vehicle (EV) technology. With over two decades of experience, he has been a driving force in the shift towards sustainable electric transportation.

As the founder of Affinity EV, a premier automotive/energy tech company, Raj has revolutionised the EV ecosystem. Affinity EV, supported by Enterprise Ireland, streamlines the transition to electric transportation by enabling auto OEMs and energy charging companies to collaborate, innovate, and expand their networks. This integration unlocks new revenue streams and accelerates market growth.

Raj’s strategic vision and market insight has positioned Affinity EV as a leader in the industry, fostering a collaborative environment that drives sustainability and efficiency. His dedication to making electric transportation accessible and his pioneering efforts continue to inspire progress in the automotive and energy sectors.

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