Energy Transition Summit 2024 (1)

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Dr. Ellen Diskin

Head of the National Network, Local Connections Programme, ESB Networks

Dr. Ellen Diskin is responsible for leading ESB Networks’ National Network, Local Connections Programme, and ESB Networks’ newly established Distribution Markets & System Operation Design function. Her team are responsible for transforming role ESB Networks as DSO and implementing Ireland’s Energy Demand Strategy to drive Ireland’s national target of 15-20% demand flexibility by 2025. The programme will introduce new flexible demand products and services to increase system security, renewables’ penetration, community, and market participation in Ireland.

In 2022, the team Ellen leads was tasked by the Commission of Regulation of Utilities to deliver a suite of flexible demand initiatives to support Ireland’s security of supply. These initiatives – ESB Networks’ Beat The Peak – deliver flexible demand across domestic and commercial customers through a range of behavioural and commercial flexible demand initiatives, as well as dynamic voltage management on the network.

Previously, Ellen was responsible for leading the development of ESB Networks’ investment plans for 2021-2025 (“PR5”), for approval by the CRU. She has approaching 15 years’ experience in the energy industry, working in operations, R&D, regulation, and investment planning. Prior to this, Ellen worked in the telecommunications sector. Ellen has recently completed a PhD on ‘The Value Proposition of Smart Distribution System Investment’ at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.


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