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About ESB Networks

ESB Networks is the electricity Distribution System Operator (DSO), Distribution Asset Owner (DAO) and onshore Transmission Asset Owner (TAO), and we work to meet the needs of all Irish electricity customers, providing universal affordable access to the electricity system. ESB Networks supports the electricity retail market through the ring-fenced Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO) and Retail Market Design Service (RMDS) and supports the wholesale Single Electricity Market through the provision of aggregated electricity meter data.

We invest approximately €800m per annum, which is due to grow over the years ahead. We have 3,500 employees working in all parts of the country delivering a safe and resilient network. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at ESB Networks. We provide services to every electricity customer irrespective of their electricity supplier. We are committed to facilitating the move towards low carbon technologies, supporting all customers to enable them to participate in the energy market. Our operating environment is changing rapidly driven by new policy and regulation measures, by the advancement of technology and by the changing needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders. This means the role of electricity is changing, bringing an opportunity to decarbonise society and enable all customers to take control of their energy consumption, participate in the energy markets and adopt innovative energy products and services

At ESB Networks, we’re delivering an electricity network to empower our 2.4 million customers every day with choice and flexibility around how they consume, generate, trade and store electricity. By investing in our technical capability and collaborating with our partners, we’re developing a smart and resilient electricity network of the future. Together, we’re paving the way for Ireland’s clean electric future through the electrification of heat and transport, as well as connecting renewables at scale to the electricity network. We’re delivering the electricity network for the future, designed to empower all electricity customers and make Ireland’s net zero goal a reality.

ESB Networks, delivering the electricity network for Ireland’s clean, electric future.

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